Our Mission: Protecting Your Independence
What does financial independence mean to you? Is it the freedom to help family and friends? To give generously to a charity or start a new business? At Vanclef Financial Group, we believe that it means facing life’s most challenging moments with complete financial confidence. Whether you are an advisor, an investor or both, Vanclef Financial Group is committed to protecting your independence by upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethics. We also believe that financial independence and confidence means that you have the ability to choose from products and services untainted by conflicts of interest often associated with big Wall Street firms.


At Vanclef Financial Group, we recognize the need for a broad range of investment products from which to choose including:

  • Other real estate programs
  • Oil and gas investments
  • Collateralized notes
  • Equipment leasing programs
  • Closed End Mutual Funds
  • Senior Living Facility programs

But more important than the quantity of investments is the quality. American Trust Investment Services approved products must be thoroughly vetted through our due diligence process to assure the representative and the investor that an in depth review of product characteristics and features has been performed. In addition, American Trust Investment Services and Vanclef Financial Group receives regular reporting by investment sponsors and holds them accountable for the information they present.

Advisory Services

Chicago Capital Management Advisors is a Registered Investment Adviser that provides clients the option of fee-based account management with institutional money managers. This type of account can provide maximum liquidity to the investor with exposure to tactically selected stocks and bonds. Chicago Capital Management Advisors has searched through hundreds of money managers to come up with a select group that meet stringent criteria.


One of the keys to a successful financial practice can be found in the message each advisor gives to his or her clientele and the public at large. At Vanclef Financial Group, the founding philosophy of “many legs on the financial table,” indicating a truly non-correlated, diversified mix of cash-flow producing and highly liquid investment accounts, provides the basis for a common theme.

Clearing Services

Vanclef Financial Group is a branch of American Trust Investment Services Inc. and utilizes the clearing platform of RBC Clearing & Custody, a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC.

RBC Clearing & Custody provides technology, administrative services and product offerings through multiple customized platforms in order to allow correspondents to focus on growing their businesses. In addition, they provide their correspondents introductions to capital providers, issuers, compliance, capital markets specialists along with other front and back-office functions.  Their goal is to reduce settlement, compliance and legal risks to their correspondents while enhancing their ability to realize the full value of their business relationships.

To learn more about their wide array of services and account protection insurance, please visit RBC Clearing & Custody.